Travel, Remote Work, and Productivity: Your Ultimate Guide

5 Essential Steps to Becoming a Successful Digital Nomad, Remote work and Productivity hacks

It's already March and the first quarter of the year is coming to an end, which may not be the most exciting news 😄 

But, we got you! Let’s try to make use of the rest of the month as much as we can.

Your dose of Travel, Remote Work and Productivity is waiting ☕️

In the next few minutes we will answer these questions for you;

💥 What are the first steps to becoming a Digital Nomad?

💥 How do you stay organized while you work remotely?

💥 What is our go-to productivity tool for integrating a 10,000$/hr work system?

We'll also provide you with some fantastic Community Events and our top picks. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy!


We are based out of Sri Lanka at the moment. Though staying in one place for a while is refreshing, We are eager to continue our nomadic journey again soon.

We are reliving our trips in Phuket while watching our nomad friends having fun in Taiwan and Thailand these days! Check out our Phuket adventure for a dose of dopamine here.

Today we are going to explore one of the frequently asked questions;

5 Essential Steps to Becoming a Successful Digital Nomad: A Starter Guide for Travel and Remote Work

Becoming a Digital Nomad was not a life goal that we both had.

It was definitely not something we planned for.

It was an accidental adventure that we both decided on embarking on when the opportunity presented itself.

As a digital nomad, you have the freedom to work remotely and travel the world at the same time. In our opinion, it’s making a decision about how you choose to live. We think you can start here 👇

Our friends at Meedly featured our story of becoming Digital Nomads. Give it a read in your free time.

Next issue → Tips for balancing work and travel as a Digital Nomad.


One big problem we have seen for those who work remotely is staying organized. Even if you are a digital nomad like us or simply WFH then these tips can guide you to stay organized. Read Sasmini’s tips here 👇

Next issue → Tips on finding a remote job, a list of reccommended sites and a proven method of how to find a reliable job.


The first step of being productive is to find out what it means to you.

In simple terms, productivity is about getting things done in the most efficient way possible. It's about maximizing the output we get from the resources we have available.

So, if we can complete a task quickly and with minimal effort, while still producing high-quality results, we are being productive.

We have been using Akiflow for the past couple of months to automate our process of work and build systems around getting tasks done. Read Dulitha’s take on Akiflow 👇

Next issue → A glimpse of founders and employees of startups who are using productivity tools to manage their work and a tested and proven method to start being productive.


Women’s Day Celebrations 2023

This year, Sasmini took part in 2 in-person events to talk about her Digital Nomad life and how she got here.

Read her reflection on the events 👉 on LinkedIn

Sasmini and the rest of the panel at the Student for Liberty women’s day event

AMA on Managing your Personal Finances

YES!! That’s right! Sasmini and CMX Digital Nomad Community are planning on bringing an amazing speaker to talk you through managing your personal finances.

Follow Sasmini on Instagram or LinkedIn for the event announcement.

Asian Wander Women Launch Party

Our friends at Asian Wander Women is organizing an in-person event 🥳 Let them know if you can make it. RSVP here.


Each week, we'll share some of our favourite local spots, page-turners we can't put down, and more.

In our last issue, we recommended Communities join. If you missed it, read it here.

Zero: Fasting & Health Tracker 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻

We use the Zero app to track our fasting habits, fitness activities and so on. You can check out the App here. There is a free version of this App with all the tracking types available so you can start right away.

Daily Stoic 🧠

We both love reading the Daily Stoic by one of our favourite authors; Ryan Holiday. It got the wisdom of Stoics for everyday life. Here’s a link where you can purchase the book from.

Confetti 🎊

It is a platform for celebrating daily progress towards your goals. We use the Confetti app to track simple habits that we want to stay consistent with. This app helps us to integrate healthy habits into our daily routines.

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