Did you know these 3 tips on Building Communities in Asia? πŸ†πŸ₯³

Top 3 tips & top 5 recommendations from community builders in Asia

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Are you a community builder or someone who wants to build a community that is positive, supportive, and sustainable? If so, you won't want to miss out on this πŸ‘‡

In this post, we dive deep into the insights of two creative community builders, Emily Fang and Abheejit Khandagale, as they share their perspectives on how to build thriving communities in Asia.

πŸ† Challenges of Community Building in Asia: How to identify and mitigate them

πŸ† Key features of a vibrant community: Establishing and maintaining strong connections and creating a positive community environment

πŸ† Creative and Innovtaive approaches to building a community

✌️So whether you're a seasoned community builder or just getting started, there's something for everyone in this post.

✨ At the same time, if you prefer to experience it live, feel free to click the link in the blog and watch the event, and read the live transcript with bonus Q&A that we haven’t explored in the blog.


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To kick things off, we wanted to suggest a few amazing communities that have created a welcoming environment, allowed us to build meaningful relationships, and sustained an engaged group of members.

Read on for our top picks and start connecting with some like-minded folks today!

Asian Wander Women

Sasmini’s favourite by far! There is an active Facebook group to join.

Calm Collective Asia

They have an Active Telegram group that you can join for conversations.


A community for Community Builders. There is an active Slack group to join if you are a Community Professional.

Misfits Global

Our friend Abheejit is part of this community.

Yellow Community

A web3 community that we joined when we were in Thailand. This recommendation is to explore the community and by no means any sort of investment advice.

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