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Hi there!

It’s been a while. Last time I wrote to you I was in Mexico City. After that, we lived in New York for a month enjoying Christmas, NYC food and winter chills. Then did a big time zone jump to Malaysia and right now I’m in Sri Lanka visiting family and friends as we speak!

Yes. I’m exhausted.

All the travels and time zone changes can take a toll on you.

But I have adopted this new principle in life.

We tend to look forward to the weekend, 2 days of the week that we can finally rest. I changed my mindset around that. Now I try to do at least one happy thing everyday. Even if it’s a small one, it helps me to feel accomplished. I feel like I get better everyday by 0.1%. And that’s enough for me to be present during travels and just through simply living life. I’m proud of that.

What’s that one new thing you realised this year? Share with me if you’d like to!

Life is a journey?

«Travel bucket list»

In other news, as part of the Virtual Digital Nomad Life Community we are creating, we've launched a series of virtual events.

Every month we are going to pick a destination and have a virtual city tour with a digital nomad, traveller or a community member from that destination.

For the first event we chose Taipei, Taiwan because we are looking forward to Asian Wander Women Travel Summit!

We are super excited to have Darice Chang and Michelle EW taking us on this virtual city tour next week on the 15th February at 6pm Singapore Time.

Digital Nomad Life is cohosting this event with Asian Wander Women, Naru and

Register for the event here if you would like to join us and have a chat:

Can’t make it? Still Register and we will send the recording 🙂 

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That is it for the week! I love writing this because I get to connect with like minded and talk about things they love!

So, if anything I share here strike a chord in you, don't hesitate for a second! Hit that reply button and let me in on your thoughts! I am beyond excited to hear from each and every one of you.

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